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                                                      Furry Friends PetSitting & Dog Walking, located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is a professional petcare provider delivering fully insured pet sitting and dog walking services within a 15 minute radius of Chelmsford. 

  • Furry Friends is run by pet lovers, for pet lovers.
  • As fellow animal lovers we have high standards for those we entrust with the safety and welfare of our own pets. We will treat your pets with the same fastidious care and attention we lavish on our own.  
  • 75% of our business is from referrals.   

 Advantages to using a professional pet sitter instead of a kennel

  • Pets are always more comfortable at home surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. The stress caused by being placed in unfamiliar surroundings can be particularly hard to handle for certain pets, and can even cause health and behavioral issues. Chelmsford dog walker. Dog walkers in Chelmsford.
  • Since your pet is comfortable in his or her surroundings, they can maintain regular eating, exercise and sleeping routines.
  • Saves your pet from being exposed to diseases or illness from other animals, such as the highly contagious kennel cough, often spread in boarding environments like kennels.
  • Prevents the possibility of injuries that could be caused by other animals.
  • Convenience – no travel to drop off and pick up pets from a kennel or boarding facility.
  • Regular Pet Sitter visits give your home a lived in appearance which is a major crime deterrent.
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pets are being cared for by responsible & knowledgeable pet care professionals.
  • Your pet will receive love and personal attention while you are away. Furry Friends pet sitters are dedicated pet owners themselves.

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